Begali Intrepid ポチリました!

かねてから煽られていた(笑)Begali Intrepid バグキーですが、遂に昨日ポチリました。


納期・送料の問合せをメールし、やりとり数回でPayPalのURLが届き、めでたく注文完了。 金額は本体と送料合計で、GHDのフルオートバグキー GN209FAとほぼ一緒でした。



Intrepid - Begali's Web site





【1】 WebのContactから発信した納期と送料確認メール
Subject: Question about your products

Dear Sir,

I am interested in your product Intrepid Bug Key.
Could you please let me know the current delivery date and the shipping cost to Japan?
I look forward to hearing from you.
Sincerely yours

Kazunori Takamura "JF0RRH"

Dear  Bruna Begali san,

Thank you for your prompt reply.
I understand about the delivery date.
My address is as follows, so please give me a shipping quote for FedEx, DHL , UPS and EMS.

Kazunori Takamura "JF0RRH"
******** *****, Nagano-City Nagano-Pref.
380-**** JAPAN

I look forward to your reply.
Best regards 73

Kazunori Takamura "JF0RRH"

Hello Bruna,

Thank you for the information on shipping costs.
Now I will order one Begali Intrepid (Right Hand) with FedEx Int. Priority of 61EUR.

Should I pay 475EUR + 61EUR = 536EUR for the Intrepid and shipping total?
I would like to pay by PayPal, so please give me the instructions for payment.

Best regards 73
Kazunori Takamura "JF0RRH"

Hello again Bruna,

I have just paid 536EUR via PayPal.
Looking forward to getting my Begali Intrepid Bug key soon!
Thank you very much for your kind attention to my needs.

Best regards 73
Kazunori Takamura "JF0RRH"

Hi Bruna,

I was so happy to get my first Begali that I forgot to tell you my cell phone number!
The phone number is +81-80-****-****.

Kazunori Takamura "JF0RRH"